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A model quarter for Munich

CA Immo is currently developing a new residential quarter with approx. 1,750 to 2,000 residential units in the northern Munich district of Feldmoching-Hasenbergl – the Eggarten-Siedlung. In July 2019, Munich’s city council resolved that a development plan be drawn up for the new city quarter. October of that same year also saw an urban and landscape planning competition launched by the two property owners, CA Immo and Büschl Unternehmensgruppe, who are developing the quarter together in a joint project enterprise. The commission was awarded in close coordination with the City of Munich and was judged on the basis of the benchmark data provided by the city council in its resolution. The international competition was completed in mid 2020. The first prize was awarded to Studio Wessendorf from Berlin together with Atelier Loidl Landschaftsarchitekten, also from Berlin, and will subsequently provide the basis for the further ongoing development plan procedure.

Gross floor space m²
  • Eggarten Siedlung
  •  Eggarten Siedlung

Our goal is to develop a model city quarter for Munich that focuses on both current and future challenges around issues of sustainable development, thus providing a model example in both social and ecological terms. To this end, various conceptual specifications have already been determined in consultation with the City of Munich:


A model residential quarter

In particular, the plans aim to

  • ensure that up to 50% of the apartments are built by cooperatives, thus creating the largest cooperative housing project since the Second World War (and for the first time ever in Munich by private developers and on this scale),
  • and to significantly extend the rent controls typical of subsidised housing to up to 60 years, thanks to the high cooperative share. To this end, the site owners have already signed a letter of intent with GIMA München eG, an association of 29 Munich housing cooperatives,
  • specifying that cooperative forms of housing be taken into account in the urban and landscape planning competition,
  • that different income levels, age groups and lifestyles be catered to,
  • and that a neighbourhood network be created that promotes a lively coexistence between residents and neighbours, and which offers opportunities for residents to actively participate in shaping their living environment.


A model quarter for mobility

In particular, the plans aim to

  • use central neighbourhood garages, sharing services and mobility stations to incentivise residents to give up their own cars,
  • to utilise space-saving developments and intelligent traffic management in order to create a largely car-free neighbourhood,
  • to develop a mobility concept that reduces traffic to and from the neighbourhood and keeps environmental pollution as low as possible,
  • to provide charging stations for electric vehicles,
  • and to create attractive foot and cycle path connections with a high number spaces for bicycle storage.


A model quarter for energy

In particular, the plans aim to

  • create a city quarter that is energy-neutral in its annual balance sheet and CO2-neutral in its operation,
  • to make an important contribution to climate and resource protection through intelligent arrangement of the various buildings, low-energy construction and
  • a neighbourhood-wide energy concept that is as CO2-neutral as possible,
  • to make solar power an integral part of the concept,
  • and to utilise greenery on roofs and facades in order to reduce the heat load and create comfortable micro-climates.


Do you have any questions, or would you like further information about the Eggarten-Siedlung Munich development? Then please contact us!


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