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Baumkirchen Mitte

Urban, green, classy: a city district to meet many requirements

Baumkirchen Mitte has been in development on the site of the former München 4 railway yard in Berg am Laim since 2013. CA Immo is responsible for the overall development of the district. In a joint venture with PATRIZIA AG, the company has developed three residential projects for the area.

Located in the Munich district of Berg am Laim, the total area of the urban quarter exceeds 124,000 sqm. Almost half of the site will be retained as a landscaped park and habitat for rare plant and animal species. Future residents of the district as well as their neighbours and the general public will be able to experience this (previously inaccessible) space via special footbridges. Of the remaining construction area of almost 70,000 sqm, 34,000 sqm has been earmarked for public green space and private gardens. For example, a green area of around 15,000 m² will be created on the southern edge of the site, with, among other things, generous sports and play areas for children. The built-up part of Baumkirchen Mitte is characterised by unmistakably organic-looking structures.

Gross floor space m²
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  • München Baumkirchen

Close to the countryside and the city: life in Baumkirchen Mitte

Situated to the east of the Bavarian capital, Baumkirchen Mitte has an ideal connection to the centre of town via the S-Bahn line, which is just a short walk away; Marienplatz can be reached in just 10 minutes, for example. Numerous shops, schools, daycare centres, doctors’ surgeries and pharmacies are located nearby. A shopping centre with branches of ALDI, REWE and dm drugstore has been established, other service providers will follow.

Around 560 apartments will be built in Baumkirchen Mitte. The first residents already moved into the quarter in summer 2016. All of the apartments in the first three construction phases have already been sold. The final construction with mainly subsidized apartments and also a commercial share is expected to start in mid-2022. One childcare are planned there, another one is already in operation. A new sports centre has been built for the Eisenbahner Sportverein (ESV) München Ost, which went into operation at the beginning of 2020 and is now also available to tenants of the quarter. Until completion, CA Immo has provided the club with a modern temporary hall within the area.

18,500 flexible square metres of ultra-modern offices

An office- and hotel building standing some 60 metres high in the northeast part of Baumkirchen Mitte will be a symbol of the district visible for miles around; its eye-catching design is by Amsterdam-based UN Studio. The NEO will be the distinctive base for companies whose priority is to combine working and living environments as effectively as possible while maintaining proximity to the city centre. The pair of daycare centres in the district will help employees to reconcile family and professional commitments. In addition, 50 rental apartments will be added to the pedestal building of NEO. The residential part NEO LIVING was sold to BMO Real Estate Partners Germany in October 2020.

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