Publication of the offer document regarding the voluntary partial public takeover offer of CA Immo and O1 Group Limited to the shareholders of IMMOFINANZ AG

On 25 March 2015, PHI Finanzbeteiligungs und Investment GmbH (‘PHI’), a subsidiary wholly and indirectly owned by CA Immo, and O1 Group announced a voluntary and public partial takeover bid in line with article 4ff of the Austrian Takeover Act to the shareholders of IMMOFINANZ AG. Their intention was to acquire a long-term holding in IMMOFINANZ AG. The offer price was € 2.80. The bid, which was aimed at acquiring up to 150,893,280 bearer shares in IMMOFINANZ AG (ISIN AT0000809058) (approximately 13.5% of the total outstanding capital stock or around 15.0% of voting rights) was taken up for a total of 15,777,617 bearer shares during the acceptance period, which extended from 25 March 2015 to 15 April 2015 inclusive.

After adding in own shares, this equates to a 1.57% proportion of the total capital stock of IMMOFINANZ AG. Together with shares acquired on the stock market before the bid was announced and during the acceptance period, CA Immo, O1 Group and parties acting in concert with them control a total of 61,133,364 bearer shares in IMMOFINANZ AG (i.e. 6.08% of total capital stock or voting rights).