Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Responsible Corporate Management in environmental, economic and social terms

At CA Immo, responsible corporate management is all about steadily raising value over the long term. Our sustainability model extends to all dimensions of business activity – environmental, economic and social – at Group as well as property level. Leading the company in a responsible manner is an inclusive arc spanning all sustainability issues. 

Quality and energy efficiency of the asset portfolio

CA immo holds international investment properties of many different kinds at many stages of the property lifecycle. In order to ensure the longest possible value retention and marketability of all properties, CA Immo Asset Management applies diversified quality management. To establish the best possible conditions for long-term rentals, various highly specific measures aimed at properties and their tenants are adopted. The most important levers in integrated quality assurance are:

  • Standardised recording of structural properties (incl. energy consumption values) as the decision-making basis in active asset management
  • Needs-based investment to ensure portfolio quality and user comfort
  • Sustainability certification for strategic core properties as objectified evidence of the building quality
  • Raising awareness among current tenants to improve resource conservation by users


Energy consumption an the carbon footprint CO2-Footprint

Globally, buildings are responsible for 30% of carbon emissions while consuming 40% of raw materials and energy.1) Conservation of resources is a major theme affecting the future of the real estate sector. CA Immo continually collates and analyses international data on consumption as well as carbon emissions produced by the heat and energy consumption of its office properties. The data is applied to ongoing portfolio monitoring, on the basis of which decisions on maintenance measures are made.

1) Kahn, Kok and Quigley, 2014; Glaeser and Kahn, 2010

Sustainable investment properties…

To facilitate transparent comparison of the quality of portfolio buildings across international boundaries, CA Immo has certified more and more portfolio buildings since 2015. As at 31 December 2019, 81% of the total CA Immo office portfolio (by book value) have been certified  according to DGNB, LEED or BREEAM standards. Further standing office buildings are undergoing the certification process.


To optimize the energy balance of portfolio buildings, an extended dialogue was initiated with users regarding consumer behaviour (amongst other measures). A Group-wide information campaign concerning the resource-efficient usage of office buildings by CA Immo office tenants guided by the motto “Think more, waste less” has been running since 2013.


… and value creating developments for long-term success

Through its real estate and urban district development activities, CA Immo is helping to shape the skylines of major cities like Vienna, Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich – from involvement in the master plan to the establishment of surrounding infrastructure and the construction and running of new buildings. To comply with the multifarious requirements arising at all levels, CA Immo only constructs offices (since 2011; minimum standard: DGNB silver) and hotels (since 2013) certified to LEED, DGNB or ÖGNI standards on a Groupwide basis. By meeting various certification requirements, the company makes allowance for the conservation of resources such as energy and water as well as emissions, wastewater and refuse and the transporting thereof; effects on safety and health are considered throughout the lifecycle.

Within the context of its development projects, CA Immo observes legal requirements on potentially negative influences on stakeholders (such as construction noise and increased particulate matter pollution) and engages in proactive dialogue with relevant stakeholders from the outset. Examples of this have included the site conferences for the new Europacity in Berlin.

From Anti-Corruption to Zero Tolerance: Corporate Governance at CA Immo

CA Immo is committed to conducting business in a highly responsible, fair and sustainable manner on the basis of comprehensive corporate governance. The company’s compliance management division oversees compliance with laws, guidelines and codes. Transparency, fairness and respect for all stakeholders is enshrined in our code of values alongside the prevention of corruption. 

Our employees are key to our success over the long term – ways in which we support them and promote their development are outlined in the Careers chapter.