Michal Krawczyk

Senior Technical Asset Manager

What do you particularly appreciate about your job at CA Immo?

I like the way we approach our daily business. Overall, I feel that there is a sense of trust in our relationships with tenants and service providers at CA Immo. We have been cooperating with some of these companies for almost two decades, often with the same people employed there. Every time we meet in the elevator or in the lobby, usually a friendly chat ensues. At the end of the day, years of business relations, that have not always been easy, did not tarnish the meaningful human relationships.     


What made you - after having left CA Immo for a while - decide to come back?

I definitely missed the unique atmosphere at CA Immo. You truly start to appreciate it when you realize you are not just a part of the machine but also a vital and appreciated member of the team. Here, people listen to you instead of just letting you talk. It is nice to be able to discuss something with your manager over lunch and not just read his email with instructions. In today’s world we are seeing a lot of companies growing and changing structures, which is normal, however, this is often at the expense of losing the comfort of working in friendly and familiar environment that people are used to. At CA Immo we still have that feeling despite of considerable growth in recent years. This feeling is important for employees because at the end of the day, it is the people that are at the core of company’s success.


What was the most exciting, funny or surprising moment that you already had at CA Immo?

When you work with different people, the list of surprises is endless. 

Starting from some interesting questions, like:

“Can you adopt one of the office rooms for my dog?”
“Is it true that fresh air for ventilation comes from the outside of the building”

Or, surprising requests like:

“There is a bat in the office – can you do something about it.”
“We found a couple of lizards in the flower pot - what are we supposed to do?” 

Nevertheless, the most exciting and rewarding part is when I hear from a tenant that he would like to stay with CA Immo for another lease term because he can count on us. That always makes my day.