Dominik Supper

Head of Technical Asset Management AT & CEE

What do you particularly appreciate about your job at CA Immo?

The opportunity to be in daily exchange with all our international subsidiaries is very valuable to me. The cross-border knowledge transfer that results from this collaboration is something that not only I, but the entire company, can benefit from greatly.


After becoming a father again, you then went straight into a new management position. What was this almost smooth transition like for you?

Welcoming a new family member is always something very special and a great pleasure! Taking over the management of a transnational team almost simultaneously presented me with new challenges, which I met conscientiously. An important part in such a time is a team of employees I can rely on and whose support I can always count on. Having been part of the technical asset management team for several years, I know that I have motivated and confident colleagues with whom I can look to the future with a clear conscience! There will be many new tasks ahead of us, which we will master together as a team.


What paths will be taken in the future to make CA Immo's real estate portfolio more environmentally friendly and sustainable?

A key point for me is the monitoring of consumption data. Our task is to use resources more responsibly and to make sure that we manage our consumption better. Likewise, the purchase of green electricity is a significant factor that has given our portfolio a push in the right direction. The task now is to maintain this direction and take an even closer look at the analysis of our portfolio in order to define further measures that will ultimately improve it.