Christian Loher - Project management omniCon

What do you particularly appreciate about (working for) CA Immo?

The opportunity to support colleagues at CA Immo from the very beginning in the implementation of large projects together with a well-coordinated team and to master the constant new challenges that arise in the construction of real estate. 
What makes the success of the project special, however, are the great colleagues and being able to train across projects. 

What has been your career at CA Immo so far?

After graduating as a civil engineer, I started working in construction management at omniCon, CA Immo's construction subsidiary, in 2016 and was able to accompany the MY.O project from the very beginning. Even before the completion of the MY.O office ensemble in Munich Laim, I was able to switch to project management and, together with my colleagues, I am taking care of the upcoming projects at the Munich site.

Which project are you most proud of so far?

As already mentioned, the MY.O is the first project that has accompanied me continuously since my time at omniCon and will always remain a special one, not only because of the eye-catching green color, but much more because of the exciting implementation and the many architecturally remarkable details as well as the on-time completion with the entire team.

What has been your greatest learning (in the pandemic period) so far? 

The pandemic period has shown us above all that it is possible to work efficiently from home, but that this can never completely replace time in the office. This claim should also be in the foreground when developing future office properties.